Come a day earlier in Zagreb and join a workshop by Portland-based, crazy-talented artists Sara K Byrne and Phil Chester



Time: December 3rd 2018. - 10:30 - 15:30,
Location: Studio Super Super,  Radnicka cesta 27 Zagreb

Workshops topics:
-Live shooting with Phil & Sara
-Posing: High Energy vs. Quiet & Emotional
-Reading your client’s energy
-Posing for clients personality
-Using your own personality to set a mood
-Using light to determine your photos mood
-Pushing your comfort zone to improve your imagery
-Creating a diverse set of images in a short amount of time
-Editing the photos after the shoot

Attendees are welcome to bring a camera but are encouraged just observe during demonstrations.

Drinks and light lunch included


Workshop by Sara and Phil 

Working with a couple to get the most authentic moments. Improving in your posing using cues and directly based on personality. Using the setting and landscape to your advantage.

Whether you are shooting in someones home or out on a cliffside, we want to capture the most genuine images we can. We will be doing a live shoot and talking through our processes as photographers. We want to be as open as possible, so come will questions and we will be happy to answer anything. 





"We believe in group discussion and not boring you with some dark conference center where you have to listen to us blab the whole time. Bring a list of every question you’ve ever had and we’ll talk through it as a group and get to the bottom of it. This is all about you so nothing is off the table."


Seats limited.
To purchase your place at a workshop, you must hold a Grain ticket.

Workshop price  290,- EUR