Speakers Overview

Grain is focused on diversity rather than pure photographic thematics. From business, inspiration through social media and core of our business - our speakers will provide a fresh insight and cover the most relevant industry topics today. Let us introduce the lineup of next Grain festival and see why we're so proud to host this truly amazing bunch of talented grain in Croatia next December.

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Dan O’Day


Art as source of inspiration

Dan O’Day is an Australian based Photographer, specializing in wedding and Fine Art photography. Influenced by his former life as a contemporary artist, Dan’s wedding images reflect the commitment to his art practice, refining techniques and constantly developing & refining his practice. 

His wedding work has been published in VOGUE Australia, Frankie Magazine, Rangefinder, CAPTURE MAG and Better Photography to name a few.

Dan is an AIPP Master Photographer with two gold bars and is the current AIPP Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year


Driven by passion

Sara lives in Portland Oregon with her partner Phil and two kitties. She's been photographing weddings and other things for about 7 years now through a journey of ups, downs, and constant growth.

She loves working with passionate people and thrives outdoors amongst natural beauty. When not shooting she spends her time making up songs about cats, hanging out in airport lounges, and trying to discover the secrets of the universe.



Sara Byrne



Phil Chester


Connections with couples

Phil is a human living in Portland, Oregon with his girlfriend Sara and his two cat babies and he really digs taking photos of couples. Like a lot.

When he's not shooting he's generally traveling with his lady, watching any film from A24, working on his dunk game, slaying people in Settlers of Catan, or trying to write synthy 80s movie soundtracks.


Freedom and joy of capturing the fun

There's nothing people from the Caribbean enjoy more than a good love story, and Mónika Frías is no exception: the Dominican-born, Barcelona-based videographer enjoys them so much she turned them into a career.

Her warmly intimate yet hilarious videos are a result of her all-hands-on-deck approach: instead of using a large set of audio and lighting equipment, she embeds herself and her camera into every party and catches unexpected moments from the inside. She appreciates the most about this line of work: the freedom and joy of capturing the fun, unexpected and heartwarming side of something as beautifully unstructured as a love story.



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Monika Frias


Reaching inward to find creativity

In a competitive, creative industry, it’s easy to fall in the trap of working too hard.
Frøydis was no stranger to that; and she could see how her passion was coming in the way of a healthy work-life balance.

Once she took a “time-out”, travel helped her find herself again, revealing how important it is to stay true to yourself. Frøydis decided to be the best photographer - not the best in Scandinavia, Europe or the world - just the best she can be. At Grain, she will tell us why she thinks we have to go inwards to become better photographers.


Creative Portraits

Agata is a portrait and fashion photographer, black and white image and freckles lover. Her work is widly recognised and published in various magazines around the globe, for which she received many awards, among others the Grand Prize in "The Portrait" category in 2017 from our favorite Rangefinder Magazine.

In her presentation, she will focus on portrait photography, share the characteristics of a strong portrait, post-production and all those tips and tricks on how we can improve the portrait side of our work.


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Agata Serge



Robert J Hill


Helping to build sustainable business

Robert lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so early mornings are his favourite time of day, especially for hiking to a mountain top around Oregon. His other two favourite activities are travelling and yoga.

Although “photographer” assumes the spot as Robert’s “title” most of the time, he admits his deepest passion next to simply creating is elevating others in their businesses and helping them build sustainable and ethical brands that allow them to live better lives and run more profitable ventures.


Photography is a tool to create change

Muhammed Muheisen is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist. He has been documenting the refugee crisis around the world for over a decade, he is a National Geographic Photographer and the founder of Everyday Refugees Foundation.

As the former Associated Press Chief Photographer for the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan he covered conflicts across the region as well documented major events in Europe, Asia, Africa and the U.S. The last several years he has been documenting the refugee crisis and especially focusing on the children as real victims of every conflict. In Zagreb he will share with us the story of his journey from Pulitzer to humanity.




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Muhammed Muheisen


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Marko Marinkovic


Becoming a Marketing Ninja

Marko is easy to spot in a crowd - he is the open, simple, bearded guy with a constant smile. He loves the sound of his yellow Telecaster, the taste of sushi, Monty Python jokes, the click of a shutter and the feeling that an airplane take-off has.

Having pursued a corporate career in the past, Marko learned a set of marketing and communication skills that he uses as a huge advantage in his photography business today.

In 2016, Marko was named among Rangefinder’s Rising Stars of Wedding Photography. When he is not taking photos, Marko enjoys traveling; and he particularly enjoys doing both at the same time.


Visual Storytelling

Before becoming a wedding photographer, Petar worked as a photographer for 14 years in newspapers. He started as a photojournalist in a small daily newspaper, and eventually he was invited to join a leading regional magazine where he had the pleasure to travel around the world and photograph many celebrities and interesting stories.

Today he uses that broad experience in weddings. He lives in Zagreb, Croatia with his wife Ziva and their little boy Jan. Petar’s philosophy is staying true to himself and his vision while working in the wedding industry, in which he never imagined he would be in. In weddings, Petar wants to include all the things he loves about photography and why he is a photographer in the first place.


Petar Jurica