Speakers Overview

Grain is focused on diversity rather than pure photographic thematics. From business, inspiration through social media and core of our business - our speakers will provide a fresh insight and cover the most relevant industry topics today. Let us introduce the 2018 lineup and see why we're so proud to host this truly amazing bunch of talented grain in Croatia next February.


Fer Juaristi


Nostalgia is a big part of my creative process

We are extremely proud to open this festival with one of the most influential artist in the wedding industry of the last decade. Even after a respectable work experience, Fer’s work remains fresh, always in search for a new approach to a wedding story.

He is going to lead us through his creative process. Fer admits that magic happens after many years of trying, while emulating and respecting one’s “photo-gods”.  Be ready for lots of laugh and a massive inspiration by the “Mexican monkey”. Besides, have we mentioned already that he’s one of the nicest person you'll ever meet? 


A unique voice

Rafal Bojar appeared as a unique voice in wedding photography. At the moment when we were thinking that everything has been seen already, his vision, his vivid imagination granted the scene a breath of fresh air.

This Polish photographer brings authenticity and the beauty of emotion forward by a non-traditional mixture of photography, gifs, and short movie-sequences. His work involves a somehow mystical experience and Rafal is sinking deep into the private realm of the couple, searching for some new language transferring individual experience into the sphere of universal values.



Rafal Bojar


Lukas Piatek profile.jpg

Lukas Piatek


Importance of Social Media

Lukas Piatek is known as an awesome wedding photographer but he is also the guy who started LOOKSLIKEFILM 3 years ago, biggest community of wedding photographers in the world today. He is living in Germany with his lovely wife Lena (they are freshly married on Iceland) and their dog Milla.

On the Grain Festival Lukas will share his journey and beliefs, but main focus in his talk will be the importance of social media and how he uses Instagram as a tool to book weddings all over the globe.


Drawn to the exotic tales she tells with her lens

Have you ever experienced a poem so entrancing that you are magically transported to a place? That’s what work of Italy based wedding photographer Lelia Scarfiotti does to the viewer.

By Lelia’s stories we are drawn to the exotic tales and her bewitching ability to document a wedding in the most poetic way. Instantly recognisable, full of soul and evoking an ethereal mood of raw romance.


Lelia Scarfiotti


Jon Aleksander Krancan


Raising the bar of wedding cinematography

Jon Aleksander is the creative behind Happy Wedding Films, a collective filming weddings worldwide and carefully crafting them into meaningful films, that meet halfway between documentary and artistic work.

Based out of Slovenia, Jon started his wedding videography path in 2013 and soon shifted towards destination weddings. Ever since, Happy Wedding Films are trying to raise the bar in wedding cinematography and above all, building a sustainable business out of something that they love to do.


From waterfalls of Iceland to exotic locations of Mauritius

Mark's ability to capture the beauty and romanticism of couples and nature allows him to photograph all over the world: from the amazing scenery of New Zealand over the beaches of Jamaica, to waterfalls of Iceland or exotic locations of Mauritius.

Contrary to most wedding photographers, Mark loves business as much as he loves art, and he says he does not believe in luck, but believes that inspiration is the key to delivering good work, and that staying inspired keeps you happy. His presentation will subsequently focus on his unique photographic style, as well as the intricate nature of the business side of his work too.



Mark Pacura


Ross Harvey


Master your Mind

Ross Harvey shoots high end weddings around the world and he was named as Best Wedding Photographer in England for a few years in a row.

Ross also has spent over two decades studying psychology, science, neurology and philosophy so his choice of topic for the Grain Festival is really interested: If you want to be a true creative professional you must master one thing and one thing only - your mind. The way you think determines your ability to consistently produce high caliber and creative work. The way you think can also be your worst enemy. Discover the mechanics of the mind; the toolkit in which to set your creativity free and fulfill your potential.


Creative behind Flothemes

Ross Tanner is founder and CEO of FloAgency and Flothemes.

Ross will be talking about the Visual Communication of your brand online to create your voice. How to tackle a brand project; Questions to ask yourself and how to audit your presentation and brand. How does pricing and branding connect - Why does everyone look the same yet standout and succeed - What is brand success and how to select what works for your portfolio online.



Rafal Bojar profile 2.jpg

Ross Tanner



Naomi van der Kraan


Understanding Light

We are extremely proud that Naomi van der Kraan will join us in February as 9th speaker. Naomi is drawn to darker, artistic and sentimental photography. As a Dutch photographer, one of her greatest sources of inspiration are the Dutch painters, who definitely knew how to use the light in a beautiful and poetic way. Light is one of the most important ingredients to a good picture. Naomi will tell us more about how she uses light and how starting with boudoir photography helped her to understand and see light better.